Yakovlev-Haleem Collection, Human Specimens




This database lists human specimens from the Yakovlev-Haleem Collection. The collection contains primarily whole-brain serial sections mounted on slides; also included are tissue blocks of fetal and neonatal organs. Each specimen has a case record. In addition to normative controls, specimens include examples of cerebrovascular disease, pathomorphic cerebra, neurosurgery for behavioral diseases, miscellaneous neuropathology, and experimental animals. The collection was built by Dr. Paul Ivan Yakovlev (1894-1983), a neurologist at several hospitals and Harvard Medical School. Yakovlev began the collection in 1930 at Monson State Hospital. In 1974 he transferred the collection from Harvard to the AFIP, where it was managed by curator Mohamad Haleem until its transfer to the National Museum of Health and Medicine. In 1994 it was renamed the Yakovlev-Haleem Collection. Also associated with the collection is a reference library and computer imaging technology.

The collection is housed at the National Museum of Health and Medicine at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, in Washington D. C. They are available for study by researchers and educators world wide, through arrangements with the collection curators,

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